Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Am Now The Proud Owner Of A Denman D1!

I have heard about this brush so much in the natural hair community that I decided to finally break down and get one. The most popular Denman brush is the D3 but I have seen a lot of youtube vids about how the bristles are too hard and it can rip your hair out so I decided to go with the D1 which is made for thinning hair so the bristles are soft, and I figured if I find that this brush takes more hair out than I normaly loose I can modify it by removeing some of the rows of teeth. I LOVE THIS BRUSH! It detangles my hair well, massages my scalp, helps destribute whatever product Im useing through my hair well, and defines my curls like no other. You can purchase this brush either at your local Sally's, , or order it off ebay like I did. I paid a little over $10 for it off ebay including shipping which is about how much it cost in Sally's.

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