Monday, April 12, 2010


WOW!!! AFTER ONLY SEVEN MONTHS MY HAIR IS ALREADY BACK TO THE LENTH IT WAS BEFORE MY BIG CHOP. (My hair was longer but I did a mini chop before I big chopped)

Seven Months Natural & Heat Damage After Just One Use

Ok guys I know it has been a long time since my last post I am so sorry. Ok so I am now 7 months natural and I got my hair blown straight a couple weeks ago. At first I planned to just go to the beautician to get my ends clipped since they had not been clipped since my big chop and they really needed it. Then I started wondering how long my hair has gotten so I decided to get it blown straight. She washed my hair then started blow drying it while it was wet, she clipped my ends, then she just bumped my ends under with a curling iron. I liked came out really straight for it just to be a blow out and I did notice my hair felt thicker then when it was relaxed. Everything was fine until I woke up the next day and unwrapped it. It was a hot mess! My hair frizzed up bad overnight. So I decided to wash it. That is when I found out my hair was not converting back as easily as I thought it would. After washing my hair with The Liquid Black Soap I make then conditioning it with Garnier Fructis Shine Burst Conditioner I saw that I had a lot of straight pieces throughout my hair. I was so upset. The next day I decided to do a deep condition hopeing all my curls would come back because I noticed my hair was super dry even tho I had just washed and moisterized it the day before. I mixed the Garnier Fructis conditioner with honey,golden jojoba oil,hemp seed oil, avacado oil,sweet almond oil, and tea tree essential oil. I left that mixture in my hair for about five hrs under a plastic cap. After washing it out my hair felt softer but my hair was til the same as fa as the straight peices. I just gave up for a few days. Today I thought maybe my hair needs protein so I shampooed my hair with my Liquid Black Soap then parted my hair into four sections and sprayed Komaza Care Hair Strengthener onto each section, combed it through, then let it dry until my hair felt really stiff. I then rinsed it out and deep conditioned my hair useing the same mix I mentioned above. After letting that sit in my hair for about two hrs I washed it out, then took sections of my hair applied golden jojoba oil and shea butter in that order, then braided the section up. I ended up with 17 jumbo braids. I then let it dry braided up. I am going to go to sleep with my hair like this and see how my hair looks and feels tomorrow. After seeing my hair after I riinsed the conditioner out my curls are looking better so I am hopeful that my hair will continue to get its curls back. Needless to say after all this I don't think I will ever get my hair straightend again. I have heard a lot of naturals say that continued use of heat can result in heat damage but I have never heard of heat damage from just one use! But I am proof that it can happen.