Thursday, December 3, 2009

I finally Co Washed!

My hair has been so dry these past few weeks so I have been trying everything I can to keep my hair moisterized. After watching more vids on youtube I soon realized that most other naturals did not shampoo there hair as often as I did. I shampoo my hair once a week! On there vids many naturals said they only shampooed about one a month and instead they did co washes ever two days. So I thought I would try this method and yesterday I did my first co wash. My hair felt moisterized after it air dryed but the real test for me is if it still feels moisterized the next morning and it did! Still following other naturals method I sprayed my hair with water and added a leave in conditioner (cantu shea butter). So far my hair feels very soft I am hopeing this method works for me because I was geting very frustrated with my hair. My curls are poping again so that is another plus. I can not wait until my hair gets to about shoulder lenth to see how my curls look then.


  1. Hey girl make sure you put some type of oil , ex: Extra virgin olive oil. I knew the Cantu Shea butter Leave in makes your curls popp! so add oil so it won't be dry

  2. Thank you. Extra virgin olive oil is exactly what I put on before useing the Cantu Shea Butter.