Thursday, December 3, 2009

It Has Been Three Months Since My Big Chop!

It has been three months since my big chop and I gotta say in just three months I have had a lot of ups and downs. I have tried a lot of different products to name a few Komaza Care, Carol's Daughter, Cantu Shea Butter, and just recently ordered a package from Essential Organic Balms. And I gotta say I think I may have had the right products for my hair the first time. So far out of all the products I have tried only Komaza Care has left my hair soft and managble the way I love. So here I am stuck with all these other products that does nothing for my hair but I have to use them because with my husband being the only one that works while I am a stay at home mom I can not afford to just throw them all out and buy a new batch of Komaza Care. So what I am doing now is mixing and matching all the products to try and get them to work better for my hair so far its not working I am still left with dry hair even tho these products claim to moisterize. Another problem I am haveing is styling my TWA. At the lenth it is at now there is not much I can do with it (I have 3 1/2- 3inch of hair). I am not crazy about two strand twist on my hair because they stick up all over my head like little spikes, so I just wear two strand twist in the house. Other than that I have tried tiny box braids, two strand flat twist, and the wash and go look. The box braids come out O.K. but you can not really see the braided part just the ends so they just look like a bunch of curls. I love the two strand flat twist look on me. The wash and go look is not working so well anymore because it seems like the longer my hair gets the less of a curl definition I have, like my hair texture is changeing. So I am still learning about what works best for my hair as far as products and styleing I can not wait until I have it all down packed.

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