Thursday, December 3, 2009

Essential Balms Products

I recently bought these products off there site They are all natural products that can be used on your hair and body some are even edible! For my hair I think most of the products are best for styling even tho some of them say they can be used as a conditioner. The shampoo is liquid black soap, it gets my hair squeaky clean so a good creamy conditioner is really needed afterwards. The other products are shea butter mixed with jojoba, some oils, and two thick conditioners made with honey and jojoba as well as other ingredients. So far I just used the conditioners to do styles like two strand twist and flat twist. I use the shea butter as a regular moisterizer as well as the oils. I am satisfied with these products but I think what would make them better is if they came with a real creamy wash out conditioner. I looove these products when I use them on my body they keep my skin sooo moisterized. So on a scale from 1-10 for my hair I give these products a 7. For my body I give them a 10.

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